Time To Unite (T.T.U.) has the fundamental principles designed to unify a people who have differences in perspective. This is a system designed solely to galvanize people of African descent. We may be divided in our ideas but we are resolute and move with one united force. Sometimes we may disagree with the decision made by the voting members but let every member follow through and let no member be discouraged for we are united and effective.


You are the resource and strength of (T.T.U.) and it is Time To Unite. T.T.U. is a non profit institution designed to unite people of African descent. We focus on uniting with with all people of African descent regardless of ideology, gender, political preferences or any other classification that one may have. The goal of this platform is to focus the power of the Africans in America and around the world creating a voice and a seat at the World Table. This can only be accomplished by “your” personal dedication to better “your” people. Y is the difference placed between our lives and “Y”our lives.







1. Inform as many people of African descent as possible of this united umbrella. The power of unity is great however it does requires “you” to “work” towards connecting with other which lengthens this chain. It is impossible to unite without this message reaching your family and friends. It is imperative for “you” to understand your crucial role in T.T.U. It all comes down to you. You are the factor that determines Unity or failure, power to the people. “You” are responsible to spread this message on every platform available to “you.”


2. Create African Think Tanks.

The purpose of these think tanks will be to strategically create economic power for the people of African descent. These systems will pertain to structuring a proper website where all activities will be transparent to all people in the community. A system where all members can contribute ideas and vote on the proper course of action, a system where once decisions are made all members will acquiesce to the decision so that we can move with the full cooperation of our members in an united front. Once our votes have been weighed and the council decides that we should take a step, each member will take that step together in one motion.        



My personal hopes is that our committees create


  • An independent government
  • Prosperous communities
  • Government officials within the US
  • A barter system allowing members to trade products and services
  • Our own currency
  • Businesses, jobs and education
  • Social stability / Security
  • A transparent website allowing members to participate in legislation and witeness realtime economic stats tracking.
  • Grants for our members
  • culture


What T.T.U. requires from “you” at this time is to go to your local copy store and print out at least 10 T.T.U. flyers and hand them out. Secondly digitally copy the T.T.U. flyer and post it in your social media sites such as twitter and facebook. Register below as a member and state any services that you can provide that will be useful to T.T.U.







My name is William A. Humphrey and I can be reached at (480)238-8130.