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Kemet is the name of Ancient Egypt. The word kemet translates to “The Land Of The Blacks.” Kemet is an African country rich in culture. What makes Kemet worth studying is the fact that our modern day fields of study from science to religions are rooted in Kemet. When Kemet was invaded a lot of their knowledge was destroyed or misrepresented. The misrepresentations transformed their teachings into something that had lost its intrinsic nature. To study the lost wisdom of the ancients is to regain profound principles that underline the understanding that modern cultures have today. Today a lot of Kemetic teachings is being credited to the Greek invaders of Kemet.


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Amun Ra - The Hidden Creator



One of the biggest misconceptions about kemet is that they worshiped multiple gods. The worship of many Gods occurred in Egypt only after it was invades. Originaly the Ancient Egyptians worshipped only one God whom they designated as "The Hidden Creator" Amun RA. This misconception came about when the Greeks invaded Africa and misinterpreted the Kemetic laws of nature as being gods. The Greeks adopted their false interpretation of the Kemetic Laws of nature by creating their version of gods and became the Pagan Greeks.  


Noah Bloodlines

The Book of the Dead originally called Coming Forth By Day was renamed by the invading greek forces. It was used for about 1,500 years as a part of a tradition of providing religious texts for the dead. The content of the book dates over 20,000 years. The earliest of these texts are found in Old Kingdom (about 2686–2181 BC) pyramids and were intended for dead kings. Over time texts for the dead became available to other members of the royal family, nobles and the middle classes. At first texts were written on tomb walls. Later from about 2050 to 1750 BC they were carved on to coffins. The Book of the Dead developed from these coffin texts and has been found on coffins, shrouds, papyri and bandages. The most elaborate Books of the Dead were made during the New Kingdom period (about 1550–1069 BC).


Indigenous Akebulan Counties

Africa went by name names: Kemet, Corphype, Olympia, Libya, Egupe, Hesperia, Ortegia, Ethiopia, Ta Merry and Sedan. The ancient name for Africa “Akebu-Lan.” Which is Aribic for “Mother of Mankind” or “Garden of Eden.”

Noah's Bloodline 

According to the Bible Ham is one of the 8 People on the planet who survived the Biblical flood around 2304 BCE. Enlarge the picture above to see that Ham had 4 sons by the names of Cush, Maizrim, Phut and Canaan. Biblically speaking Ham is accredited for being the father of Africa. According to the Bible Genesis 9:25-28 Ham’s son Canaan as well as this descendants were cursed by Noah to be slaves to other nations. This Biblical nonsense is how the invaders of Africa justified slavery. This one fictional story is responsible for countless crimes against humanity.


Adam and Eve

Call to Kemet

Please watch to complete the understanding.  

1. Any organization that teaches faith is more important than fact is suspect. Religions are faith based instead of being based on fact.

  1. Any organization that teaches people they are sheep and shouldn't lean on their own understanding of what is being taught is suspect. (Proverbs 3:5)

  2. Any religion that killed their own God is suspect. The Jewish God Jesus was arrested by the Jewish authorities to appease the Jewish people. (1thessalonians 2:14-16) (John 7:40-44) (luke 4:28-29)

  3. Any religion that changed the skin color of their own God is openly fraudulent. Jesus the man who got hung by white people was dark skinned but 325 years after his death he was portrayed as a God who looks like a white man.

  4. The Council of Nicea 325 AD, emperor Constantine (THE GOVERNMENT) brought together the European people who were in charge of society (European supremacists) to create the law. What comes out of this gathering of bishops is the new concepts of what they would start claiming about Jesus. They adopted the mythology of Jesus's predecessors and applied it to Jesus. This was the creation of another myth in a long line of christs that originally started in Egypt 4000 years earlier. These European people of power burned over 400 writings that were considered to be inspired by God then created their own version. 

  5. In spite of the ink drawings of King James which makes him look like a black man he was actually a caucasian self-proclaimed demonologist. Google a book called “The Demonology Of King James” written by King James. King James also wrote a book of witchcraft.

  6. Every story in the Bible with the exception of Jesus are obviously immoral. If you change the name to the Demonic Bible the stories make more sense. To name a few stores Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Exodus, Noah's Ark, the course of Ham, the tower of Babel, Sodom and Gomorrah, the story of Job, the story of Joseph through Revelations all have an evil sense of morality.

  7. Christmas and Easter are supposed to be created to honor Jesus but that is a lie. These holidays existed before Jesus was born. When you track the origin of these holidays you find they go back to Greek pagans who celebrated them based on the teachings of the Ancient Egyptians. Easter comes from The Egyptian Goddess “Auset” aka “Est” aka “Isis.” Est resurrected her husband Ausar, Est/Ausar = Easter. In the Kemetic mythology Ausar was reborn as his son Heru on 12/25. This is the day the sun seems to move closer to the Earth 3 days after the winter solstice 12/21. This is the resurrection of the sun after being dead for 3 days. This is where the Christian trinity comes from and the concept of God being incarnated as his son Jesus Christ. It is also where the idea of Jesus’s resurrection comes from. The Easter bunny is a representation of Est who is the natural law of “fertility.” rabbit = fertility = Est aka Isis. What did you think the Easter bunny represented? (Google Isis goddess of fertility)   

  8. Jesus predecessor come from mythology. Mythical Gods have been born December 25th, called Christ, died and resurrected, healing people, performing miracle, having 12 disciples long before Jesus was created. These concepts originate in Kemet (Ancient Egypt). Here are a few names to look up King Amunothph III, Demeter,Persephone, Quetzalcoatl, Mithra, Apollo, Attis, Perseus, Rhea, Dionysus, Krishna, Indra, Zues, Zoroaster, Horus, Codom, Hercules, and Quirrnus. 

  9. The Christian cross has nothing to do with Jesus according to Biblical scholars. The Christian cross comes from the Ancient Egyptians symbol of “eternal life” called the Ankh.  

  10. The first 5 books of the Bible was written by Moses who was an African living in Kemet (Egypt) and the stories are a retelling of Egyptians mythology. (Hosea 13:4)


  1. The Bible has been adjusted too many times after it has been proven wrong. The corrections yet to come is the fact that man has been on this planet a lot longer than 6k years and the fact that dinosaurs existed for millions of years. 

  2. The Christian God is the creator of courses (Genesis 3:14-15) (Genesis 3:16). God cursed the entire Earth including the land and the animals (Genesis 3:17)


  1. Genetics has proven that mankind came from Africans and has proven the Bible is wrong about where it says man came from. 

  2. Some Christians believe the death of almost all humans would be a divine act and don't realize that idea is evil. 

  3. Their God created Lucifer and has genocidal tendencies. Their God is planning premeditated murder towards humans who has yet to be born. God plans to release the devil on Earth as well as famine, death, disease and war with the purpose of gynocide. (Revelation 6:1-17)

  4. Too many wicked activities have been done in the name of Jesus for the name of Jesus to be good.


18 The Christian God promised to harden the pharaoh's" heart (Exodus 9:12). Even though Pharaoh repented (Exodus 10:16), the Christian God hardened the Pharaoh's heart so that he would refuse to release the slaves as an excuse to execute the egyptian babies (Exodus 11:9).  Understand the implications of this scripture. When you killed that person, raped that woman and smoked those drugs that was actually God hardening your heart so that God could Kill innocent babies.(Exodus 11:9)


  1. True Egyptian history doesn't have mass slavery as portrayed in the Bible.  

20.The Bible teaches that women are second class. (Genesis 3:16) (1Temothy 2:11-12) (1Corinthians 14:34-35)   

20.The Bible is immoral and misogynistic teaching that women are second class. (Genesis 3:16) (1Temothy 2:11-12) (1Corinthians 14:34-35)   

  1. The Bible was spread across the world through conquest and enslavement. 

  2. The Christian God is an manipulation of Egyptian mythology who has lost his original correlation with nature. Originally God was expressed through nature opposed to being magical. (learn Kemet)


  1. The concept of the fruit of knowledge that Moses wrote into the Bible comes from Kemet (Ancient Egypt). The fruit of knowledge of right and wrong was a ceremony given wisdom to each pharaoh as they came into power.


  1. The Garden Of Eden came from the Egyptian Fields Of Reeds. ( to verify google Fields Of Reeds) The original name for Africa is “Alkebulan” which translates to Garden Of Eden. (To verify google “Alkebulan”)  


  1. Moses’s 10 commandments came from Kemet (Anient Egypt) called “The 42 Confessions Of Maat.”


  1. The people who were accredited for writing the Bible never lived. This is why they were never buried. There is no grave sights for Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. There is no writings on the planet with either of their handwriting. The information accredited to these people is a cover up. Opposed to the fact that Kemet which is truly where the Bible stories come from and is over twice as old as the Bible yet the Kemet writings and artifacts exist in abundance.


  1. The Bible teaches black people are cursed to be slaves (Genesis 9:25-28). The Bible is in favor of white supremacy. This is why white people were reading from the Bible to the crowds as they tortured black people in Jesus name. The Book OF The Mormon takes it a step farther by that teaching African people were invented when God cursed the white Lamanites with blackness so they would look ugly (2 Nephi 5:21).  


  1. The Bible is fragmented and misunderstood which means it was likely not written by a Divine understanding who wanted you to understand it as Christians claim.


  1. The African stories which the Bible is based on where never meant to be taken literally as they now are being today. The Christian religion is based on the natural progression of the sun as the Ancients created it to be. Dec 25th is the day Heru was born, the day that the sun is reborn each year 3 full days after the winter solstice. The winter solstice 12/21 is the day of the year which the sun is farthest from the Earth. For 3 days the sun seems to stop moving away from the Earth.  For these 3 days the sun is still aka dead for 3 days. Dec 12/25 is the day the sun looks to start to get closer to the Earth aka resurrects. The Egyptian where the original astronomers. This is why the 3 most famous pyramids are in perfect alignment with the 3 stars of Orion's Belt, on Earth as it is in Heaven.


  1. The people who saw Jesus face to face called him to be false. (John 8:52)


  1. If your God can die by the hands of man he is suspect. (1thessalonians 2:14-16)


  1. Their God makes mistakes (Genesis 6:6–7)


  1. Their God claims to be an Egyptian God (Hosea 13:4 KJV) Yet I am the Lord thy God from the land of Egypt, and thou shalt know no god but me: for there is no saviour beside me.


  1. Sin was not created by Adam or Eve. God didn't prepare or protect Adam or eve from the sin which was created when Lucifer and a third of the angels rebelled against God while in Heaven. Instead of apologizing to Adam and Eve God coursed Adam and Eve and all their descendants.


  1. Christians pray in the name of Jesus but end their prayers calling on the Egyptian God Amon. Aman,Amun, is the Egyptian God who created all other gods.


  1. King solomon wrote 3 books of the bible Psalms, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes about 950 bce. King Solomon represents Islam and Judah. He also created the freemasons which did not become fully established until 1717 AD (King Solomon Lodge #60). However the principles of King Solomon’s Masonry started 4200 bce with Imhotep building of the pyramid of Saqqara. This is why the Masonic fraternity symbols are African symbols such as the pyramid.  


  1. According to the bible God killed over 2.2 million people this doesn't include the flood. Their God killed animals and reqired blood sacrifices. Some of these people that were murdered by their God were babies according to the bible. The devil killed only 10 people so far according to the Bible.


  1. Their god manipulates free will. (Exodus 9:12)


  1. Believers of the Bible nullify cripters by making it mean things other than what it says. They claim that the magical stories of the Bible are to be taken quite literally while claiming that the instructions in the Bible doesn't literally mean what it says. This double standard takes the message away from the words and allows the Christians to pick when something is just too much for them to take literally.


  1. Too many routes lead back to Egypt for Christians not to be aware that their religion is rooted in African theology.


  1. Christianity is blasphemy,  the rape of African culture plus the mental and physical enslavement of the descendants of the Africans. To be a black Christian is to share a drink with the enemy out of a cup made from your father's skull. It is detrimental to yourself and your race.


  1. The Noah's Ark story is taken from the Epic of Gilgamesh Flood 2600 bc.  




We are in their doctrine. Please watch my youtube video on indoctrination.


William A. Humphrey-

When the believers die their spirit will align back with God and they will say to themselves you poor bastard let's try this again. Then they are reborn into a part of the world with a different religion. The point is, try to wake up while you are still you. Y is a difference placed between (y)our lives and our lives.  


Adam Epperson-

Some know the truth and some don't. Those who know should be held accountable for those who don't. Those who don't, are reluctant to learn because it shakes their foundation. They find comfort believing that their sins are washed clean. It takes no effort to believe that you are saved however to search for an uncomfortable truth takes a lot of motivation and energy. Plus people enjoy the illusion of being right at the expense of others. This is a mental separation of classes from the meek to the elite.   


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